New character musings – Premma and Shiny

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I’ve been working recently on some new game characters, meaning two in particular. I’ve already mentioned one, for the Steampunk campaign my friend Joel is planning to run.

I don’t have much else to say about her yet, except that I came up with a name for her: Shiny *big grin*Because shiny things are distracting, and so are bards, especially when they’re being distracting on purpose so that rogues can fleece the crowd.

What I have more going on with is a character for another of my gaming group’s members’ campaign, Alex’s. I’m playing a female Gnome cleric of Sheyanna Flaxenstrand, named Premma Niddar.

Her backstory was mostly out of my control, which is interesting cause I’ve never set up a character that way before. Anyway, she grew up in an apartment in a city with her Mother, Father, and 7 siblings (6 sisters, 1 brother….dunno how they managed to have that many children, since Gnomes reproduce less frequently, or why they’re living in an apartment in a city instead of a town underground, but meh). She learned the religion of Lady Flaxenstrand from her mother, who is also a cleric. Her father is an apothecary, and his business barely pays the bills. One of her older sisters, Siblar, is a courtesan in the courts. Her older brother, Sabata, left home to become an adventurer and occasionally sends large sums of money home.

He seems to lean towards evil in his adventuring, as her parents seem to want nothing to do with his money.  After a few confrontations in which Premma figured out (as a child/teenager) that he’s not a good person, and in which he called Siblar a whore, the police came and arrested her father for one of the jobs they DID help Sabata with.Premma swore at that point that she’d find Sabata and turn him in before her father’s case goes to trial. Also, that evening, her mother found and confronted Sabata in the city (escaping her daughters’ care under Premma’s watch because she fell asleep), and Sabata killed her. He then set fire to their home, and though it seems like her sisters have escaped, there is no sign of them anywhere.  All of this on the day before she was supposed to officially enter Sheyanna Flaxenstrand’s clergy.

She spent a couple of days staying in a temple of Garl Glittergold, searching for her sisters and getting ready to go in search of her brother. She had her mother’s armor repaired, and is using her warped holy symbol (she was killed by lightning) and her sword as well. Unable to find her sisters or contact Siblar quickly, since that would take months, she then set out in search of her brother. She also was visited by an Avatar of Sheyanna in her dreams, who made her a Cleric since the original ritual she was to perform is now undoable (her mother was going to do it). This Avatar, however, gave her an ultimatum – she can not use her Clerical powers to stop her brother – she must either find someone to do it for her, or somehow change his mind.

According to our DM, she then set out for the city of Geshalt in the country of Arda, where a large office called the Guild Post System operates. They handle most of the adventuring jobs in the area, and they recruit, so she has to do a smaller adventuring job to get noticed by them. Of course, because her brother’s an adventurer, this is the best chance she has of finding him. There’s a deposit you have to pay to sign up, to make sure you’ll come back, but its too expensive for her measly funds. So she’s leaving her clerical vestments – which her sisters bought her, one of the last things she has to remember her family with – as collateral. They’ll hold them for a week and a half, at which point she has to come back with the payment from the person who set up the job – an apothecary, from White Tip Apothecary, who needs mushrooms from a dangerous cave. We’ll need to get between 30 and 120 pounds, and she’ll need to deliver them to him within 7 days. The payment is a flat 60 gold, with an additional 60-240 gold reward available, probably based on how much she brings back. She can also add 1 more day to the contract if she needs to, but that forfeits the flat rate payment.

Assumedly the other players will be signing up for this, to make the party happen, so that is more heartening.

As for her attitude, she buries the pain of losing her family under a hippie/fairy-tale-princess-like outlook, that love will make life better and easier and always win the day. She’s only the human-age-equivalent of 15, so she’s had to grown up fast and acts a few “years” older than she really is. While she’s adventuring, since she’s going to be out in the world anyway, she seeks to spread belief in love and caring for others to contrast the wars rampant in this world and show everyone that some things in life are worth living for. Her favorite thing to do as far as her clerical duties go is weddings, and she’s a lesbian, though she hasn’t thought much about that yet. She’s been too focused on her studies, and helping her family, to think about her own romantic prospects.

So, that’s that so far. I’ll post more once I have more. This promises to be an interesting game, at least. And I’ve been meaning to play a cleric or paladin (gag) of Sheyanna for a while, because a lesbian devoted to her would be ever so interesting 🙂


Help a BBW get her own TV Show!

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I’m assuming that if you watch my work, you’ve seen Joy Nash’s Fat Rants  (if not, go watch NOW!).

Anyway, she blogged today that a friend of hers who starred in the third Fat Rant, Chenese Lewis, is auditioning for Oprah’s search for the next new TV show host. Anyone can vote, and if Chenese wins, she will have her own show featuring the amazing beauty and lives of BBW women!!!

Click here to watch her audition and vote now!

Gnomes vs. Lilties

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My girlfriend is playing “Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles” right now (I plan on starting another character later), and of course I’m already taken with Lilties.

I’m sure that most of you that are already interested in this post have played/familiarized yourself with the races of that game by now….but I’m gonna talk about them anyway, cause they’re soooooo cute!

They’re short (like Dwarf/Gnome sized), specialize in melee combat – aka tanking – have short tempers, are expert blacksmiths, etc. And they’re adorable, and rounder in body shape than usual game characters. Despite their history of world-conquering xenophobia, they are Total Win in my book.

Also, it helps that they look a lot like Gnomes.

Well, in proportions and cuteness, anyway.

So expect some Lilty fanart in the future, probably with a Wolf Selkie, which my girlfriend plays. This game is such fun already, and I haven’t even played it yet.

Back from “sirbaronette”

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Hi again! Even though I said I was closing this blog down, I realized that I really don’t want to lose ‘badgerthegnome’ as a domain name here – even more than I like the idea of ‘sirbaronette.’  It fits me better.

Soooo I’m back 🙂

This will also no longer be a size-acceptance only blog. I will DEFINITELY still talk about those issues, as they affect my life and my work, but I will also post about other topics as well. Some examples – gaming, fantasy genrethings in general, real life goings on, my pagan spirituality, trying to eat/live more organically, etc.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. I hope you stick around to see what’s next. Again.

Blog Shutdown

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That’s right folks. Obviously, I don’t update this blog frequently….if at all….so I’ve decided to shut it down.

I’ll still be blogging about size-acceptance/BBW, and many other topics, at my more personal blog:

Baronette Imaginings

Or you can visit my art website, where I’ll be talking more about my work and how that all happens:

(or on DeviantART, if you would like to see even more than what’s there).

Thanks to anyone who read this, ever, and I hope you follow the links provided and continue following me!

Jennifer Hudson, no longer curvaceous

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I logged into my yahoo mail this morning to see a surprising article on the main page. Apparently musician/actress Jennifer Hudson, who was never what I would call fat but definitely curvy and breathtakingly gorgeous, has”slimmed down.”



(AND they straightened her hair, which miffs me, but I’ll not get started on that)

She looks like a totally different person, and while she looks happy, she has lost the bit of fat that made her look normal sized! And it was so awesome to see such a gorgeous woman who’s closer to what I consider BBW being so successful and popular, even when people condemned her for her weight. She was AMAZING in the “Sex and the City” movie. Now I’m praying they won’t bring her back for the second one with some fat-negative message about how its soooooo great that her character’s not a fat slob anymore.

And the scariest part is that she was never what I would consider “fat.” So if girls like her are being celebrated for slimming down, things might not be getting better after all. What are we, those who embrace our size, supposed to do in the face of that?

I’m one more of these “transformations” away from suggesting we start our own fat-happy country. We could call it Adiposia and live there in peace without the annoying stick-figure models and advertisements and health policies telling us what’s right for our bodies, nay, shoving it down our throats. I wish people would just leave each other’s waistlines the hell alone. Then maybe stars like Ms. Hudson wouldn’t have to lose their gorgeous forms to just fit in.

Tanith Belbin – a step in the right direction

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Ice dancer Belbin has put on weight, and she couldn’t be happier

Yay for steps in the right direction! A baby step, but a step nonetheless. Now come on fitness people, realize that you can be even more than 10 pounds “overweight” and still be healthy *pokepoke*